Mailroom Equipment Training

Here where you can make a real difference to the performance of any machine usage. Having your operators know their stuff, can make such a difference in throughput and reduced down time it is nearly a no brainer. If performance is key, then the Key players are what you require.

Covering every thing from setup, usage and maintenance our training can make a huge difference to your profitability. Below is and example of a typical training plan and its benefits. We cover many different machine types and setups so we would build your training to suit your companies needs and equipment. If you would like to talk it over, please get in touch.


Mailroom Equipment Training Plan

Key Benefits

  • Faster up time & set up
  • Speed increase
  • Extra capacity created
  • Quality issues quickly identified, highlighted & prevented
  • Self-maintenance increased, saving external support costs & reducing down time
  • Moral of the operators raised with allied benefits
  • Elf internal structure & possible performance related assessment
  • Staff movement & inter-department multi-skill (flexible work force)

The Level of Operator Training can be split into 3 Levels

Level 1 – Basic Operator Training

  • Covers all Health & Safety of the machine
  • How to power up & down the machine safely
  • Show all the modules of the machine & their functions
  • Show how to set “miss” and double detections
  • Show how to change a reel of poly wrap
  • Show the base key setting of the wrap section
  • Show how the print registration works
  • Show how to set the heaters both cross & centre for the job in hand
  • How to get the film pack sealing consistently

Level 2 – All of level 1 – Plus

  • Each module we will show you how to set up for the product being produced
  • Go through the wrap section setting & how to set them
  • Show all the oiling points for weekly PM
  • Set the feeders for single sheet items & thicker products
  • Set double & miss detects
  • Set the full machine from start to completion
  • Show adjustments as the machine is running
  • Set & run the stacker & all settings to maximise the best use for job in hand

Level 3 – All of Levels 1 & 2 – Plus

  • Engineering settings & maintenance
  • Covering all mechanical settings in Wrap Section
  • Chain settings
  • All setting timings for machine
  • Greasing & oiling of all machine parts

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