Rebuild and refurbishment of mail equipment is the bread and butter of Mailroom Equipment’s daily lives. Mail Equipment is run quickly and often for long hours, this will over time lead to a rebuild or refurbishment being required, even if standard maintenance has been kept up with. Parts of the core structure of these machines, which are inaccessible during a regular service, need replacing or refurbishing to ensure continued use.

Mailroom Equipment provide a refurbishment and rebuild service that can be arranged to fit in with your production time table and meet the SLA that will make the machine like new. Because all jobs are different, we assess and then quote prices to ensure you are only paying for what you need and not just a blanket refurbishment.

The majority of refurbishments recently have involved these pieces equipment:

Buhrs 300 / 600’s
Sitma Polywraps
Norpak Polywraps
Bell & Howells
Stahl Folders
MBO Folders

Reel Winders
Reel Rewinders
Reel Feeds
Inline Guilotines
Camera Systems
Electric Boxes

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