Input channel machine

The range of Input Channels, the fastest feeders in the mailing industry, are modular, flexible, material tolerant, solutions designed for use in stand-alone mode or integrated with other finishing/ inserting equipment to configure fully featured intelligent mail processing systems.


These machines are typically used for creating letter folds (C Folds) and accordion folds (Z Folds). Other commonly used folds include a half fold, fold-out, double parallel fold, gate (brochure) fold, and right angle fold. They can be inline or stand alone machines.


Their are a number of different collation devices depending on your requirement. Inline and Stand alone. Usually choosing a collator will require specific information about current equipment and intended use in relation to where in the production chain it is to be used and the paper being used.


The BÖWE BELL + HOWELL Plastic Card System  (PCS) is a versatile, high-speed card mailing system that uses the very latest in card processing technology to ensure cards are processed accurately and efficiently at the lowest cost per piece.

 STAND-ALONESstand alones

Mailroom Equipment can offer a wide range of stand-alone modular solutions for off-line operation, as well as easy integration to any system.