The T2300 EV


It’s been over 20 years since the arrival of the Neotec Guillotine T2000 series. More recently know as Automation Address’s new T2300 Evolution And is a machine that has remained reliable and profitable even to this day.

Completely revised in the essential parts to further increase the potential and durability of the various components, The T2300 EV is at the top of the category of automatic cutting machines.

The main attributes are in the electronic part of the machine:


– Colour Display HMI Touch-Screen high resolution that facilitates the use of cutter by operators.

– CAN-BAS control system for constant checking of all components during the processing.

– Management PLC based on LINUS platform.

– Possibility of software remote update or with USB pen drive.

The mechanical parts also boast great aspects:


– Cutting unit with reinforced connecting rods, shell blades with lateral adjustment, soft thrust increased in the surface.

-Circular knives with blade to fix inclination and kneading position of knives to make punching cut more precise and durable.

– Ejector group with two con duel parallel rolls to improve the output of the cut material.

– A remodel shell makes the machine ergonomically more comfortable to use and silent during machining.



  • Easy to replace interchangeable Blade cartridge with internal lubrication and blades with double HHS trimming
  • Auto-load of paper
  • Brushless engine without maintenance
  • High durability dragging group with steel pin and internal lubrification system
  • Cover in plexiglass with security sensor
  • Cuts down counter with pre-selection
  • Timer between carriable cuts
  • Reliable mechanics and electronics
  • Using the latest generation components
  • Simplicity of use and silence
  • Long lasting blades and circular knives
  • Changing blades and knives with simple and fast operations
  • Cut setting in millimetres and inches
  • In the Pinfeed/Pinless version it is necessary to consider that the paper passage is reduced by 70mm when used the Pinless version
  • Draggin group with internal lubrication system and steel pivots.
  • Removable blade group with internal lubrication system and stainless steel blades S600.
  • The linear blades are equipped with a double cutting edge, so that when a wire wears it is possible to turn it around.
  • The average length of a cutting wire is about 2,000,000 cycles.


  • Automatic Stacker with download of pack
  • Scale collection conveyor
  • Merger
  • Vacuum System
  • Anti-jam System
  • Interface to connection to Inserter, Folder, …
  • Synchronizer for collectors
  • Ansa Photocel to link printer
  • OMR/ Barcode/Matrix Reader

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